The Genesis of Compassion Sensuality

From Sexual Abuse to Compassion Sensuality

The seeds of what was to become Compassion Sensuality began in my relationship with one of the female figure drawing models as a 23 year-old design school student.

She had been brutally raped and abducted a couple of years earlier at age 16, and while well-meaning and in some ways helpful, my desire to help "heal" her was painfully naive.

Yet that relatively short romance was a pivot turning point that only surfaced many years later in various forms.

One being that I attracted people of both genders who had been sexually abused, from "only" verbal molestation to rape.

Artwork is one way I express such things at times: the above illustration is something I made for one such woman as a way for her and I to in essence meditate on her healing her "valley of pleasures" back when launched this site.

Naturally, one can attract such fellow souls and experiences to oneself for a wide variety of reasons: part dharma and also as mirrors of some of one's own wounded parts of self.

Owning Sexual Wounds and Respecting Boundaries>

Whether due to my own birth and in infancy trauma (which may or may not have been overtly sexual) and other unusual sexual life experiences during my teens, there is also an underlying thread of trying to complete or heal something through this entire discovery and experience of this kind of sexual variation of Metta (Loving Kindness).

This includes setting boundaries (such as not being the projected target or victim of an abused woman's unresolved rage at all men). But most of all -- a zero tolerance towards disrespectful, degrading to violent attitudes, words or actions by men (or anyone really) towards children, women and animals.

I do have some substantial and to one degree intuitive understanding what fuels the most abhorrent to simply disrespectful words and behavior of some, but it's still no-go.

That is, one can draw on a powerful sense of compassionate Yin tenderness beyond one's personality or ego when dealing with such excruciating release of pain in another soul, as well as even understanding the roots of abusive tendencies, yet also maintain a gracefully discerning Yang detachment.

In terms of labels or qualifications of this journey of discovering, expressing and experiencing Compassion Sensuality, some have referred to me as being a "Daka" (male spiritual sex practitioner/teacher).

Yet as with most aspects of my life, I don't really fit into any category nor do I consider myself a teacher per se.

I simply walk my path and trust that this offering somehow fits into the collective widening spiral of our re-Awakening.

An Early Wide-Angle Perspective (Bio Info Stuff)

I was born in Switzerland to an American journalist father and an aristocratic Hungarian mother. It was a multilingual (English, French, Italian, German) upbringing and I graduated from a French High School and moved to U.S. in '74.

Coupled to the inner journey itself, this multicultural exposure (i.e. having been to 22 countries by age 18), all of this instilled a tendency to seek understanding in more inclusive, and ultimately more "spiritually democratic" ways.

My Catholic mother had also been a volunteer courier for the Allies during WWII to help get Jews out of Hungary, and my father was likewise a gutsy man with a formidable intelligence.

Therefore there is an inherently gentle yet daring and inclusive spirit within what has been unfolding as Compassion Sensuality and all of its in-progress creative expressions.

Thank you for your visit and interest.

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