The Kindness of Truth
(Give Up The Cross)

About This Quotation

It is one of the most spiritually democratic statements I have ever read, especially for those of us who grew up within the hierarchy of traditional Christianity. 

It is not about sensuality, yet its embrace includes it.  Finding the book from which this is quoted saved my life in spiritual, psychological, and other ways.

I'm sharing this quote for not only have I in the past "crucified" my human and sensual self, so as to somehow earn or "get" the spiritual.  It's simply an offshoot of the classic split between "the spiritual" and "the physical" in human consciousness, 

This seeming split seems real. Yet is and has always been only a fear-based belief. 

Including this quote here at CS is also my gratitude toward Tom and Linda Carpenter who made the book possible - and for their years of friendship and support.

To some (and at times even to me), the implied "author" of this may be fiction or just imagined.  Perhaps, perhaps not.

My long journey with core spiritual issues makes me have to go beyond the logical --and often-fearful--mind's insistence on authoritative proof.  Unless I can feel-discern their core essence of for myself from within, they mean nothing.

The wider essence of the passage isn't something I've "believed in" consistently at all.  But in one way or another I'm led back to its gently revolutionary implications

So it seems to me that such core truths or qualities speak with their own solidly tender authority.  However and through whomever they may be uttered or written.  ~ PSK



The Kindness of Truth*

"I call you my 'brothers' and my 'sisters' to help you understand that I am not above you.

I hope that you will realize there was nothing special or significant in the choices I made as they pertain to the choices you make.

I urge you not to focus on my process.

Do not allow yourself to become buried in the thoughts that are brought to your mind by seeing me nailed to a cross.

For I will tell you that you have nailed yourself to many crosses, and while they appear to be different, they are not.

While the anguish you suffer appears to be less intense than the anguish you perceive that I suffered, it is not so.

It is time now for you to give up the cross, both yours and mine."

A Loving Brother

Excerpt from the book
"Dialogue on Awakening"

* The "The Kindness of Truth" title and the addition of "and sisters" was created for this website with the permission of the original authors of the book.





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